Signum Express is a unique on-line solution that delivers indicative insight into the level of savings that can be achieved by moving onto an alternate tariff, either via the existing or alternate supplier.

Professional reports

By understanding only top-level information about a client’s spend and usage Signum Express allows you to present back to your client a range of professional reports that will add credibility and optional independence to all your propositions.

Accelarate negotiations and establish commitment

Signum Express differs from other indicative analysis tools because it bases its results upon actual sector profiles derived from Signum’s own database, or indeed the client’s own interpretation of their usage profile. These methods make Signum Express a unique way of accelerating the negotiation process and establishing commitment from a potential client at minimal cost to your business yet with maximum return.

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Introductory Pricing

At launch Signum is offering the following pricing structure for Signum Express:

  • £395 per month with no on-going commitment
    (access for 1-5 users)
  • £350 per month with a 6-month commitment
    (access for 1-5 users)
  • £295 per month with a 12 month commitment
    (access for 1-5 users)
  • £195 per month for an Individual User
    (with no on-going commitment)

For this users will receive...

  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • Co-branded reports
  • Full Signum support

Free Trial

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Signum is the UK’s foremost independent mobile phone billing analysis company. For the last five years we have dealt with the UK mobile networks and direct corporate clients. We support all our clients with a range of analysis services and applications that deliver unrivaled insight into the effect that revised tariffing and tailored solutions can have on a company’s mobile spend.