The Signum Bureau provides market leading cost savings analysis and intuitive profiling that has a proven track record in maximising both customer acquisition and existing client retention.

Tangible Facts and Visible Benefits

The Signum Bureau is an accurate and insightful means of demonstrating to your clients the benefits and sustainable reasons for moving to an alternate tariff range whilst ensuring that the frequent resistance that is commonly encountered with corporate accounts can be quickly overcome with tangible facts and statistics.

Bespoke Analysis and Profiling

By providing you with a range of analysis reports that are designed to compliment any business proposal, Signum will profile every call made by the client so as you can accurately map the ideal tariff solution to the clients combined usage, enabling you to present your client with a transparent proposition that not only differentiates you from the competition, but that also enables you to offer preliminary consultancy around other areas of potential cost savings that have previously been unrecognized due to a lack of transparency from the current bill.

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Introductory Pricing

Signum would like to offer you an introductory pricing structure for access to the Signum Bureau facility of:

  • 50 - 150 handsets £2.95 per handset
  • 150 - 250 handsets £2.75 per handset
  • 250 + handsets £2.50 per handset

For this cost you will receive...

  • Independent Savings report
  • Multi-network analysis
  • Full Signum support

Free Demonstration

To take advantage of the Signum Bureau, please click on the link above. Once you have registered a Signum representative will be in touch to provide you with a full demonstration of the scope and benefits of this unique service.

Signum is the UK’s foremost independent mobile phone billing analysis company. For the last five years we have dealt with the UK mobile networks and direct corporate clients. We support all our clients with a range of analysis services and applications that deliver unrivaled insight into the effect that revised tariffing and tailored solutions can have on a company’s mobile spend.