Signum Clarity provides a staged approach to the delivery of measured mobile savings across all aspects of a corporate account.

Consultative Tool with In-depth Analysis

Signum Clarity targets the more consultative requirements of the larger business accounts and delivers automated and accurate information to support them in their drive for improved costs and service efficiency.

We believe that by utilizing this unique solution you will be able to deliver accurate and in-depth analysis that will allow you to compete with network suppliers for larger corporate business wholly on your ability to provide a unique and autonomous solution.

Comprehensive Bid and Tender Support

Signum Clarity primarily delivers comprehensive support to the initial bid or tender process. After that the service leads gradually into the ongoing management of the account through a range of bespoke modules. These provide a myriad of features and benefits that have been proven to reduce resource and improve efficiency in the day-to-day management of wireless communications, voice and data.

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We all understand that the nature of this size of account is different to that of the smaller/medium enterprise so why not arrange a full presentation at our demonstration suite to see just what Signum Clarity can do to improve both the acquisition and retention of mobile connections for your business.

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Signum is the UK’s foremost independent mobile phone billing analysis company. For the last five years we have dealt with the UK mobile networks and direct corporate clients. We support all our clients with a range of analysis services and applications that deliver unrivalled insight into the effect that revised tariffing and tailored solutions can have on a company’s mobile spend.